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LSAMP Activities

North Star Scholars

  • This program is an introduction to the Alliance and a way to encourage students to get more invested in their science or engineering major. Students receive a stipend for writing a research proposal or for attending three seminars or conferences.

North Star Peer Mentors

  • Peer Mentors help guide students to achieve their goals. They coordinate workshops and talk to students on a one-to-one basis to encourage involvement.
  • This program offers leadership opportunities to build community around STEM for underrepresented students. Peer mentors can be involved with small or larger commitments of time to fit into class schedules and other student activities. Students may apply to travel to regional or national scientific meetings to further invest in their academic and career development.
  • Students who travel with Alliance support also agree to become peer mentors at the minimum level of time in order to share their experiences with fellow students and to serve as role models to prospective students.


  • Research opportunities abound at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. The Alliance will support underrepresented students doing research over the semester or summer term comparable to a Undergraduate Research Opportunity grant.
  • To encourage students toward experiencing research, we will offer a Bridge to Research program again in spring semester. The workshop will be eight weeks long and meet once per week. Students will receive a stipend for their involvement.
  • North Star STEM Alliance directly funds undergraduate research. Research proposal are accepted on a rolling basis anytime during the year.  A full application for funding is a three page research proposal with appropriate citations/references, a letter of support from your faculty mentor and a North Star STEM Alliance application.

Social Activities

  • Alliance students visit the Science Museum of Minnesota, an Alliance partner a few times per semester. Every other month students gather for supper and an informal program.
  • The wonderful aspect of the LSAMP program is that it can be customized to your needs. You let us know how you want to grow in your academics and career development and we will see how the program can support it.


College of Biological Sciences (CBS) 

College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS)

College of Science and Engineering (CSE)

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

University-wide Resources

Institutional Scope

  • Science, applied science, and engineering span four colleges on the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses: College of Science and Engineering, College of Biological Sciences, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and the College of Liberal Arts. Numerous research institutes connect these disciplines in research across the science and technology spectrum.

Institutional History

  • Since its founding in 1851, the University of Minnesota has grown to become one of the largest public institutions in the nation.
  • The University has over 4,000 faculty serving over 40,000 undergraduates and 25,000 graduate students.
  • Being a land grant institution, it has a commitment to providing education to students of all income levels and an investment in agricultural research and development.
  • Its strategic plan is focused on growing its research to become one of the top three public research institutions in the nation.

LSAMP Representative:

Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay
Program Coordinator

Office:  115 Lind Hall, 207 Church Street SE

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

Web Address:

Phone Number:
(612) 625-6135